We build and capture value from company formation to expansion stage to public market investing

Our investment model



Utilizing a Venture Operator model, we have built numerous companies and often use our Venture Partners to run them. In addition, we have a global incubation platform and also may utilize our home grown CXO.


Early stage

Our investment decisions are driven by a rigorous and iterative selection process to evaluate, minimize and manage risk across technology, people and valuation.

We mine and perform deep dives to identify areas of new science and innovation.

We actively lead or co-lead early-stage deals with board representation in the majority of our portfolio companies.Our extensive global network extends across academia, industry and investor, and we leverage these long-term relationships to build our portfolio.


Expansion stage

We are active investors, and our involvement goes beyond economic capital. We apply our traditional hands-on portfolio management to build value, and our presence in China provides a potential gateway to a highly attractive market ecosystem.


Public investing

By leveraging our venture-like discipline and acumen, we identify public opportunities with significant growth potential.

Investment Scope

We have built significant domain knowledge, network and experience in several key areas; and we continue to follow the science and expand our team aligned to these trends.


Small Molecule/Biologics

We are willing to take long-term contrarian views anchored by the amalgamation of scientific merit, degree of unmet need, and evolving competitive dynamics.

Cell and Gene Therapy

We have built or played a significant role in cell and gene therapy companies and continue to look at new modalities that push the boundaries of science.

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

We focus on disruptive and minimally invasive surgical instruments, imaging equipment, new biological materials, high-value consumables and other innovative solutions. We also have portfolio companies delivering special diagnostic testing, IVD, bedside diagnostics and genetic testing both from the product and services side.


We continue to believe there is room for new entrants to provide high quality services to patients, research communities and hospitals. We focus on R&D services and big data companies with advanced high entry barrier processes and innovative business models.